Re: [stella] I made it here, finally!

Subject: Re: [stella] I made it here, finally!
From: "John K. Harvey" <jkharvey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2000 01:43:47 -0600

>- My main goal is to port Exidys 'Star Fire' from the C64 to the 2600.
>I'm halfway through with disassembling the C64 version.
>- In order to understand the basic concepts of doing this game on the
>Atari, I started to reverse-engineer 'Starmaster' being not only the
>best 2600 game in this genre, but very similar to 'Star Fire'. I'm
>aprox. 5% into the game now, most interesting thing I discovered so far
>is how the map works.

Sounds ambitious.  Good luck :)

>- I'm curious what other people on the list are currently working on,
>please tell me/us! (Uh... I said 'us' in my first mail...)

Well, I'm working on a few projects.  The one that I work on occasionally
is Pressure Gauge II.  It's a four-player paddle game, but I haven't had
too much time to work on it recently.  College is stealing a lot of my time
away this semester.
	Other than that, I have a few other projects that I've started working on
occasionally, but not much worth mentioning here (i.e. disassembling
Journey Escape for no good reason....)

Good luck!

-John K. Harvey

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