Re: [stella] recent pokeys

Subject: Re: [stella] recent pokeys
From: jim crawford <pfister_@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 07 Nov 2000 03:15:47 -0800
>Is it just me, or have the latest Pokeys been an incoherent, jumbled mess?


That makes just enough sense in context that people might think about it
before dismissing it or yelling at me, so I'll clear this up right now.  I
sent it to the wrong mailing list.

So as not to send off two completely off-topic messages in the same day, I'll
ask this:

Is there a repository for Cheetah codes that I'm not aware of?  The only ones
I've been able to find are the ones that come with the program itself.

I ask partially because I'm looking for interesting ones -- the less useful
the better -- and partially because I've created several (fairly utilitarian)
that I'd like to contribute.

Incidentally, creating cheats is actually quite rewarding.  You feel like
you're being productive, but you don't spend nearly as much time as you would
writing your own program.

Jim Crawford

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