Re: [stella] 8K Cart question

Subject: Re: [stella] 8K Cart question
From: Chad Schell <gamer@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 09 Nov 2000 21:19:47 -0800

Here's my F6 bankswitching VHDL code. Since I'm currently working on a breadboard it's also my F8 code, just tie A13 on the eprom to ground. It's for a Xilinx XC9536/72 -15. All the "clks" are my simple digital delay method. All the keep statements to stop the VHDL compiler from optimizing away my delay.

I welcome any comments or improvements to this code. Anyone is welcome to use it for their own private, non-commercial ventures.

================Code Below===================================

library IEEE;
use IEEE.numeric_std.ALL;

entity atari is
    Port (
                addr_in : in std_logic_vector(12 downto 0);
                oe : out std_logic;
        a12 : out std_logic;
        a13 : out std_logic
end atari;

architecture behavioral of atari is
signal glitch : std_logic_vector(12 downto 0);
signal clk1 : std_logic;
signal clk2 : std_logic;
signal clk : std_logic;
signal clk3 : std_logic;
signal clk4 : std_logic;
signal clk5 : std_logic;
signal clk6 : std_logic;
signal clk7 : std_logic;
attribute KEEP : string;
attribute KEEP of clk1 : signal is "TRUE";
attribute KEEP of clk2 : signal is "TRUE";
attribute KEEP of clk3 : signal is "TRUE";
attribute KEEP of clk4 : signal is "TRUE";
attribute KEEP of clk5 : signal is "TRUE";
attribute KEEP of clk6 : signal is "TRUE";
attribute KEEP of clk7 : signal is "TRUE";
attribute KEEP of clk : signal is "TRUE";

oe <= not addr_in(12);

        clk1 <= not clk;
        clk2 <= not clk1;
        clk3 <= not clk2;
        clk4 <= not clk3;
        clk5 <= not clk4;
        clk6 <= not clk5;

        clk7 <= clk and (not clk1) and clk2 and
                (not clk3) and clk4 and (not clk5) and clk6;

        bank_switch_g: process(addr_in, glitch)
                if glitch /= addr_in then
                        glitch <= addr_in;
                        clk <= '0';
                        clk <= '1';
                end if;
        end process;

        bank_switch: process(clk7,addr_in)
                if rising_edge(clk7) then
                        if addr_in = X"1FF6" then
                                a12 <= '0';
                                a13 <= '0';
                        elsif addr_in = X"1FF7" then
                                a12 <= '1';
                                a13 <= '0';
                        elsif addr_in = X"1FF8" then
                                a12 <= '0';
                                a13 <= '1';
                        elsif addr_in = X"1FF9" then
                                a12 <= '1';
                                a13 <= '1';
                        end if;
                end if;
        end process;
end behavioral;
--Copyright 2000 Chad Schell

Chad Schell
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