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Subject: RE: [stella] Crazy Valet
From: "Brian Prescott" <bprescot@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2000 09:34:24 -0500
Hi Thomas.

You are right, the Crazy Valet code was written a Visual Basic programmer
used to taking liberties about wasting code space and resources.  It took me
almost a year of studying 6502 assembly language programming, the Atari
programmer's guide, and other documents from the Stella list or on the web
before I was able to become comfortable enough to even attempt to write this
game.  (And even now, I am still a little light on some of the assembly
language concepts, as the code no doubt shows.)  At some point, I do intend
to go back and clean up parts of the code, so I will keep your message

And as far as the demo being too easy, that is true.  But don't worry, when
I release the full game binary, puzzles 20 and higher are enough to make you
use Nolan Bushnell's name in vain.  :D

Thanks for your expertise.  Oh, and by the way, in case no one has said
anything, Thrust is pretty darn cool.


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Hello Brian,
you wrote:

BP> - You are correct, the whole game is basically "fun with playfields"
BP> for the cursor, which is player 1.  I tried to integrate player 2 to
BP> the important car, but ran into problems.  (See below)

BP> - I consider myself very lucky on this game, as I started to reach the
BP> and integrate nice little things I wanted to put in, I ran out of
BP> After reshuffling my graphics and sound data to avoid crossing pages, I
BP> about 16 bytes left out of the 4K on the current version of the game.

After a quick look at your code (Distella), i think,
you still have plenty of room for improvements, which
would save you a lot of bytes.

  lda  #$00      lda  #$00
  sta  PF0       sta  PF0
  lda  #$00      sta  PF2
  sta  PF1       sta  PF2
  lda  #$00
  sta  PF2
                 4 bytes saved

  DEC  $D4       lda  $D4
  DEC  $D4       sec
  DEC  $D4       sbc  #6
  DEC  $D4       sta  $D4
  DEC  $D4       lda  $D5
  DEC  $D4       sec        <- necessary?
  DEC  $D5       sbc  #6
  DEC  $D5       sta  $D5
  DEC  $D5       tax
  DEC  $D5
  DEC  $D5
  DEC  $D5
  LDX  $D5
                 11-12 bytes saved

The following block could be improved even more:
LF09D: LDA    #$00
       STA    $D3
       LDA    #$40
       BIT    SWCHA     <- try shifting instead of many BITs/ANDs
       BNE    LF0AF
       LDA    #$03
       STA    $D3       <- store only once _after_ JMP to LF0F2
       JMP    LF0F2     <- use Bxx is such cases (BNE here)
LF0AF: LDA    #$80
       BIT    SWCHA
       BNE    LF0BD
       LDA    #$04
       STA    $D3
       JMP    LF0F2
LF0BD: LDA    #$10
       BIT    SWCHA
       BNE    LF0CB
       LDA    #$05
       STA    $D3
       JMP    LF0F2
LF0CB: LDA    #$20
       BIT    SWCHA
       BNE    LF0D9
       LDA    #$06
       STA    $D3
       JMP    LF0F2

If you change the expected results in $D3 a bit, it
could look like this (saves more than 75%!):
     ldy      #4
     lda      SWCHA
     bcc      LF0F2
     bne      .loop
     sty      $D3

There are other places too (positioning of player 0,
...), were the code could be compressed.

You should also try to use the wasted space where you
align your code/data.

I think you should investigate some time in optimising
your code a bit, as this would make your game even
If not, others (me?) might even want to make that better
version, the concept of the game is just too good to be
"wasted" ;-)

BP> - If you follow the links for Philip Cheng on my web site, he has a few
BP> links to other Rush Hour websites, including a fellow that has a java
BP> version that has different puzzles each week.

I already did this and found a lot of very challenging
puzzles. Thanx.

BP> Also, I have added additional content to my Crazy Valet web page,
BP> a download page at which you can download a demonstration version of the
BP> game to decide if you want to request a cartridge.

BP> And as always, questions or comments are welcome.

I tried your demo and i think the puzzles are far to
easy (for me?). I expect, that they are getting more
difficult at higher levels, so maybe you should
demonstrate this in your demo, too. Just use every
5th puzzle.


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