RE: [stella] 2600 games and their designers

Subject: RE: [stella] 2600 games and their designers
From: Glenn Saunders <cybpunks@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 23:00:03 -0800
At 03:08 AM 11/22/2000 -0300, you wrote:
Cohen, Frank [co-founder of Regent]
ADD:   M*A*S*H (1984, Fox)

Doug Neubauer claims credit for 3 Fox games, Mash, Megaforce, and Alien.

Frye, Tod
   [P] Pac-Man (1982, Atari) port from COIN
   Swordquest Airworld (1983?, Atari)
   [U] Shooting Gallery (1988?, Axlon/Atari)
   [U] Save Mary (1990?, Axlon/Atari)
ADD: [U] Xevious (1983)

Also add:

Wolf, Dan
    [U] Kamikaze Saucers, (1983, Syncro Software)

Also, Dave Akers wrote at least one M-Network title, I think Super Challenge baseball and/or football.

Nolan Bushnell should also get a design credit for Secret Quest and Save Mary, and perhaps some of the other Axlon games as well.

I also think that if we are going to list unreleased titles, we should consider adding modern 2600 programmers to the list.

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