RE: [stella] 2600 games and their designers

Subject: RE: [stella] 2600 games and their designers
From: "Gonzalo" <horcas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 03:08:38 -0300
> Hi! I'm looking a list of Atari 2600 games that includes the designer name
> for each title.

I have this small list, from James Hague's "The Giant List of Classic Game
Programmers".... that list includes programmers from others systems (atari
800, c64, etc...). The List is very big, but this is the list whit 2600
programmers.... I know this is not what you are looking for, Piero, but is
something. I also have a list with all games Atari 2600, by SERIAL
Well, games written are listed chronologically in the following format:

Title, co-authors (year of release, publisher)

Games may be preceded by the following special codes:

*   Four-star game, using a rather conservative TV Guide style rating
    system (a judgement call, I realize; I may stop doing this).
[P] Programmer only.  Used for games ported from other formats or when
    a game was designed by someone else--implies a lack of creative control.
[D] Designer only.
[B] Game written in BASIC.  Might be interesting, as there is usually a
    quality gap between BASIC games and those written in other languages.
[G] Group effort; the person mentioned had some sort of involvement.
[L] Leader of a group effort; implies more than management.
[T] Type-in program from a magazine.
[N] Non-game software.
[U] Unreleased product.

Aspromonte, Bill
   Crash Dive (1983, Fox)
   Bank Heist (Fox)
   [P] Stargate (1984, Atari) aka Defender II
   [G] Pigs In Space (Atari) "Pastaroids" segment only

Bradford, Rex
   The Empire Strikes Back (1982, Parker Bros.)
   Jedi Arena (1982, Parker Bros.)
   [U] Kabobber (Activision) freely released in 2000

Cartwright, Steve
   Barnstorming (1982?, ACT)
   Megamania (1982, ACT)
   Seaquest (1982, ACT)
   Frostbite (1983, ACT)
   Plaque Attack (1984?, ACT)

Caswell, Dennis
   Phaser Patrol (1982?, Starpath)
   Escape from the Mindmaster (1982?, Starpath)
   Party Mix (1982?, Starpath)

Cohen, Frank [co-founder of Regent]
   M*A*S*H (1984, Fox)

Crane, David
   Outlaw (1979?, Atari) aka Gunslinger
   Slot Machine (1979?, Atari)
   [P] Canyon Bomber (1979?, Atari) port from COIN
   Dragster (1981?, ACT)
   Fishing Derby (1981?, ACT)
   Laser Blast (1981?, ACT)
   Freeway (1981?, ACT)
   Grand Prix (1982?, ACT)
   *Pitfall (1982?, ACT)
   Decathalon (1983?,ACT)
   Pitfall II: Lost Caverns (1984?, ACT)
   [D] Ghostbusters (1984?, ACT) programming by Dan Kitchen
   Skateboardin' (1987, Absolute Entertainment)

Crawford, Chris [founder of the Computer Game Developers Conference and
   the now defunct Journal of Computer Game Design]
   [U] Wizard (1980, Atari)

Decuir, Joe [one of the chip designers for the Atari 2600, Atari 800,
   and Amiga 1000]
   Video Olympics (1977, Atari)

DeFrisco, Steve
   Secret Quest (1987, Axlon/Atari)
   MotoRodeo (1988, Atari)
   [UP] Klax (1989, Atari)
   Styxx and Bones, with Nolan Bushnell (1990, MAC, VENT)

Dunn, John
   Superman (1980?, Atari)
   Snark (Atari) could this be Capture the Flag?

Easter, Greg
   [U] Snow White (Atari)
   [U] Mark of the Mole (Atari)

English, Ed
   [P] Frogger (1982, Parker Bros.) port from COIN
   [P] Mr. Do! (1983?, Coleco) port from COIN
   [P] Roc N' Rope (1983?, Coleco) port from COIN

Frye, Tod
   [P] Pac-Man (1982, Atari) port from COIN
   Swordquest Airworld (1983?, Atari)
   [U] Shooting Gallery (1988?, Axlon/Atari)
   [U] Save Mary (1990?, Axlon/Atari)

Fulop, Rob [founder of P.F. Magic]
   [P] Night Driver (1980?, Atari)
   [P] Missile Command (1981?, Atari)
   Demon Attack (1982, Imagic)
   Cosmic Ark (1982, Imagic)
   Fathom (1983?, Imagic)
   Cubicolor (1983?, self-published)
   Night Trap [what did he do for this exactly?]

Gelberg, Larry
   [U] Ewok Adventure (1983?, Parker Bros)

Greene, Michael [founder of Johnson-Greene Software, now Casady & Greene]
   No Escape! (1983, Imagic)
   Wing War (not released, Imagic)

Hales, Steve
   Suicide Mission (1982, Starpath)

Hampton, Dave
   [P] Q*bert (1982, Parker Bros) port from COIN

Harris, John
   Jawbreaker (1983, Tiger)

Heath, Charlie
   [P] Reactor (1983?, Parker Bros.) port from COIN

Heineman, Bill "Burger Bill" [founder of Logicware]
   London Blitz (1982?, Avalon Hill)
   [U] Penetrator (1983?, 2600)

Hitchens, Dan
   [P] Berserk (1982?, Atari)

Hubbard, Matthew
   Dolphin (1983?, ACT)
   Zenji (1984, ACT)
   [was with EA, circa 1990]

Huether, Jim
   Flag Capture (Atari)
   Steeplechase (Sears)
   Sky Diver (Atari)

Johnson, Dave [founder of Johnson-Greene Software, now Casady & Greene;
   founder of Working Software]
   Quick Step (1983, Imagic)

Kaplan, Larry
   Bowling (1979, Atari)
   [N] Atari 800 Operating System, with David Crane and Al Miller (1979,
     800, Atari)
   Air-Sea Battle (1980?, Atari)
   Bridge (1981?, ACT)
   Kaboom! (1981?, ACT) Avalanche-like, art by David Crane
   [later worked for SGI]

Kitchen, Dan
   [P] Donkey Kong (1982, Coleco)
   Crackpots (1983, ACT)
   [P] Ghostbusters (1984?, ACT) designed by David Crane
   [P] Double Dragon (1985?, ACT)
   [P] Kung Fu Master (1985?, ACT)

Kitchen, Garry
   Space Jockey (1982, U.S. Games)
   Keystone Kapers (1983?, ACT)
   Pressure Cooker (1983, ACT)

Kitchen, Steve
   Space Shuttle: A Journey into Space (1983?, ACT)

Klein, Mark
   Subterrainea (1983, Imagic)

Koble, Dennis
   Trick Shot (1982, Imagic)
   Atlantis (1982?, Imagic)
   Shooting Gallery (1983, Imagic)
   Solar Storm (1983, Imagic)

Landrum, Stephen H.
   Communist Mutants from Space (1982?, 2600 SuperCharger, StarPath)
   [P] Frogger (1982?, StarPath) port from COIN
   Dragon Stomper (1983?, 2600 SuperCharger, StarPath)

Leavens, Alex
   Stargunner (2600)
   [P] Gorf (2600)
   [P] Crazy Climber (1983?, Atari)
   Boing!, with Shirley A. Russel (1983, First Star)
   [U] Boing! Deluxe (2600)
   [U] Bouncing Baby Monkeys (2600)
   [U] The Impossible Game (2600)
   [U] AstroChase (2600)
   [U] DamBusters (2600)
   [U] Fang: K9's Revenge (2600)

Lesser, Mark
   Frogger II (1983?, Parker Bros.)
   [U] Lord of the Rings: Journey to Rivendell (Parker Bros.)
   [1999: with EA]

Logg, Ed
   Othello (Atari)

Lorenzen, Mike
   Oink (1983?, ACT)

Lubar, David R.
   Worm War I (1982, Sirius/Fox)
   The Challenge of.....Nexar (Spectravision)
   Fantastic Voyage (1982, Sirius/Fox)
   Space Master X-7 (1982, Sirius/Fox) ported to the 800 as Alpha Shield
   Bumper Bash (1982, Spectravideo)
   Flash Gordon (1983, Fox)
   River Raid II (1988, ACT)
   Sentinel (1989, 2600/7800, Atari)
   My Golf (1990, HES)

Maurer, Richard "Rick"
   Maze Craze (1980, Atari)
   [P] Space Invaders (1980, Atari)

Meninsky, Carla
   Dodge 'Em (Atari)
   Indy 500 (1980?, Atari)
   Warlords (1981?, Atari)
   Star Raiders (1982, Atari)
   [UP] Tempest (Atari)

Miller, Alan
   Basketball (1977, Atari)
   Hangman (1979?, Atar) aka Spelling
   Surround (1979?, Atari) aka Chase
   [N] Atari 800 Operating System, with David Crane and Larry Kaplan (1979,
     800, Atari)
   Checkers (1981?, ACT)
   Tennis (1981?, ACT)
   Ice Hockey (1982?, ACT)
   Starmaster (1982?, ACT)
   Robot Tank (1983?, ACT)

Miller, Larry
   Spider Fighter (1982?, ACT)
   Enduro (1983?, ACT)

Neubauer, Doug
   Megaforce (Fox) as Dallas North
   Alien (Fox) as Dallas North
   *Solaris (1986, Atari)
   Super Football (1988, Atari)
   Radar Lock (1988, Atari)

Niday, Peter C.
   [P] Crystal Castles (Atari)
   Sorceror's Apprentice

Oliver, Dan
   Space Cavern (1982, Apollo)
   Rescue Terra I (1982?, Venturevision)
   Laser Gates (1983?, Imagic) originally called Inner Space

Perkins, John
   Artillery Duel (2600?)

Polaro, Bob
   [P] Defender (1982?, Atari)
   [U] Stunt Cycle (Atari)
   Realsports Volleyball (Atari)
   [U] Holey Moley (Atari)
   [U] Bugs Bunny (Atari)
   Desert Falcon (Atari)
   Roadrunner (Atari)
   Sprintmaster (1987?, Atari)
   Rampage (ACT)

Robinett, Warren
   Slot Racers (1978, Atari)
   [N] BASIC Programming (1979, Atari)
   *Adventure (1979, Atari)

Rolfe, David
   Home Run (1979, Atari)
   Super Challenge Baseball (1982, Mattel)
   Frogs and Flies (1982, Mattel)

Russel, Shirley A.
   Boing!, with Alex Leavens (1982?, First Star)

Salvo, Ed
   Skeet Shoot (1982?, Apollo)
   Lost Luggage (1982?, Apollo)
   Raquetball (Apollo)
   Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2600)
   Glacier Patrol (2600)
   [P] Mountain King (Apollo)

Schwartz, Mike
   Chase the Chuckwagon (1982?, 2600)
   ? Artillery (2600)

Shaw, Carol
   3D Tic-Tac-Toe (1978, Atari)
   Checkers (1978, Atari)
   River Raid (1982?, ACT) also did (1983, 800) version
   Polo (2600) written in 1978, but not released until 1996 on the
     Supercharger CD

Smith, Bob
   Video Pinball (1981, Atari)
   Star Voyager (1982, Imagic)
   Riddle of the Sphinx (1982, Imagic)
   Dragonfire (1982, Imagic)
   Moonsweeper (1983, Imagic)
   Star Wars (1984, Parker Bros.)
   [later worked for Accolade and EA]

Stark, Gary
   Cookie Monster Munch (1983?, 2600)

Staugas, Dave
   Krull (1983, Atari)
   [P] Millipede (1984, Atari)

Stewart, Brad
   [P] Asteroids (1979, Atari)
   Fire Fighter (1982, Imagic)
   [U] Sky Patrol (Imagic)

Tatsumi, Steve
   Kool-Aid Man (1983, Mattel)
   [UP] Ants (1983?, Mattel) port of Anteater COIN

Temple, Ed
   [P] Amidar (1982, Parker Bros.) port from COIN
   [P] Front Line (1983?, Coleco) port from COIN
   [UP] Looping (Coleco) port from COIN
   [U] Cabbage Patch Kids (Coleco)

Tung, Joseph
   Realsports Baseball (Atari)

Turmell, Mark
   Fast Eddie (1983?, Fox)
   Turmoil (1983, Fox)
   Gas Hog (2600)

Turner, Nick [aka Sandy Maiwald]
   Super Breakout (1981?, Atari)
   Demons to Diamonds (1982?, Atari)
   Snoopy and the Red Baron (1983?, Atari)
   [editor of Dr. Dobb's Journal in mid-to-late 1980s]

Van Ryzin, John
   H.E.R.O. (1983?, ACT)
   Cosmic Commuter (1984?, ACT)

Vifian, John
   [U] The Adventures of Max (Axlon/Atari)
   [1998: with EA]

Wagner, Larry
   Combat (1977, Atari) some work initially done by Joe Decuir
   Video Chess, with Bob Whitehead (1979?, Atari)

Ward, Grady
   Beany Bopper (1982, Fox Video Games)

Warshaw, Howard Scott
   Yars' Revenge (1982, Atari)
   Raiders of the Lost Ark (1982, Atari)
   E.T. (1983, Atari)
   [U] A-Team (1983?, 2600)

Weigandt, Rorke
   Marauder, with Eric Hammond (AP2) wrote 2600 version on his own

Whitehead, Bob
   Star Ship (1977, Atari)
   Homerun (1978?, Atari)
   Football (1979, Atari)
   Casino (1979, Atari)
   Blackjack (1979?, Atari)
   Video Chess, with Larry Wagner (1980?, Atari)
   Boxing (1981?, ACT)
   Skiing (1981?, ACT)
   Stampede (1981, ACT)
   Chopper Command (1982?, ACT)
   Sky Jinks (1982?, ACT)
   Private Eye (1983?, ACT)

Woita, Steve
   Quadrun (1983, Atari)
   Asterix (1984, Atari)
   TAZ (1984, Atari)

Zdybel, Robert
   Stellar Track (1979?, Sears)
   Realsports Football (1982?, Atari)

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