[stella] Merry Xmas

Subject: [stella] Merry Xmas
From: "Russell Babylon" <babylon@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 21:27:47 -0500
Here is a Christmas present for all of you.  For your gaming pleasure, or lack there of, I present my version of Yahtzee for the 2600. I have been working on this off and on for a year or so.  I wanted to program something for the 2600 so I thought I would pick something that had not been done before and Yahtzee seemed like it would be easy :>) enough to do.  I also wanted to learn as many 2600 programming tricks as possible. 
At present this is a one player game.  The game follows standard Yahtzee rules.  The only exception is that you can only score extra Yahtzees as a Yahtzee (some versions of the rules allow you to score extra Yahtzees as combinations less than a Yahtzee).  The game control is very intuitive.  You use the left joystick to play the game.  From the title screen press the fire button to go to the game screen and roll the dice.  The five dice are white in color which indicates they are all unselected.  Pull the joystick down or move it right or left to highlight a die.  The highlighted die will flash.  Press the fire button to select the die.  Move the joystick in any direction to move away from the die.  Notice that the selected die will now be green in color.  Repeat the above sequence to select all the dice you wish to keep.  Now move the joystick up or down so that no dice are flashing and you have not highlighted any scoring options.  Press the fire button to roll the unselected dice.  You may roll the dice a total of three times.  After any roll you may score your dice combination by pulling down or up repeatedly on the joystick until you have highlighted the scoring option you wish to use.  Press the fire button when the appropriate scoring option is highlighted and if your dice combination is correct you will get the appropriate score.  There are no take backs so be careful with your scoring.
I have been working on some AI algorithms to have the computer play a game of Yahtzee against you but these are in the early stages.  If anyone knows how to get a more realistic rolling dice sound please let me know, the current sound is not so great.
Russ Babylon
(no not Russ Perry)   

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