Re: [stella] Kid Vid Voice Module

Subject: Re: [stella] Kid Vid Voice Module
From: Kevin Horton <khorton@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 05:55:36 -0500
At 19:36 1/19/01 +0100, you wrote:
At 18.58 17/01/01 -0500, Russell Babylon wrote:

The Kid Vid module was a pretty slick way to add voice and music to Atari games in the early 80's. Each tape apparently had a preamble portion that had a sequence of high pitched tones that were filtered out by the Kid Vid Module and then sent in binary form to the 2600. From this information the 2600 could determine which game on the cartridge it was supposed to play and then start it. Once the game was under way the tape player was under program control from the 2600.

Actually, the tapes are in stereo. The "program audio" is on one channel, and the feeps are on the other. Remember too that the tape player is NOT a standard model and has been highly specialized for this. One could easily make a "cue file" for the 2600 emulator that would simulate the feeps in order. this could allow one to "emulate" the preamble and other things. (heh, someone could go as far to put text in the cue file that would be printed instead of the audio :-)

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