[stella] Jumpman gets a go!

Subject: [stella] Jumpman gets a go!
From: Manuel Polik <manuel.polik@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2001 19:15:12 +0100
Hi there!

It was some talk here lately about Jumpman and it's copyright on the one
hand and about a possible Jumpman port(not clone!) on the VCS. In the
process of creating my ever growing Epyx Shrine (
http://home.nexgo.de/cybergoth \shameless plug :-)) I'm currently
interviewing Randy Glover - creator _and_ copyright holder. As a first
result you can read the interview with him about 'Lunar Outpost' on my
homepage. (Jumpman coming soon!)

Ok, especially for YOU Jumpman fans on the list I asked Randy yesterday:

"There's some guys I know, who want to port Jumpman to the Atari 2600
VCS, crazy as they are. Would you have any objections against such a fan
project? What if they'd sell a few number of these cartridges? (without
getting any profit of course, you obviously can't make money with VCS
cartridges nowadays :-))"

At the very moment I got his Reply:

"I consider all Jumpman and Jr. stuff, either knockoffs or run through
emulators to be in the public domain. Although I do own the rights to
the Jumpman name, I do not own the existing Jumpman programs. You may
work with these in any way you see fit (as far as I am concerned). If
someone wants to do a Jumpman thing on the 2600 by all means, that is
more a labor of love - not profit - so I have no concerns there."

So come on guys, do the 2600 Jumpman! Full coverage of that project on
my homepage granted (+ I know a guy who already reverse-engineered
Jumpman and knows it's inner workings).

Anybody up for the 2600 task of tasks? Maybe a giant team-up of the
whole list?
(I'd help organizing that and support it by all means, be it coding
and/or Graphics- or Soundconverting, be it playtesting or moral

Everybody interested - Start Brainstorming now!


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