Re: [stella] [POLL] So, what are you working on?

Subject: Re: [stella] [POLL] So, what are you working on?
From: Joe Grand <jgrand@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 19:44:39 -0500
I've been pretty strapped for time, but spent a few late, late nights
working on the display kernel. I finished up drawing the drivehead and have
vertical movement (though I don't know if I'm doing it right - I'm just
keeping a counter on the decrementing Y and when it reaches the point to
start drawing the drivehead, it starts drawing the drivehead :)  

I started playing with horizontal movement and positioning for the data
blobs (currently are the cars from Freeway), I ran into some timing
problems. I think I will need to do a two-line kernel so I can get
everything done in time. I will definetely need help with optimization when
I get to a decent point. 

Watching all the talk about the 6-digit score display made me reconsider
what I currently have (just 2 digits). I will probably need 4 digits and
doing it in hex will be quite fitting for my game (considering it's
supposed to be sort of like a virtual hard drive :)  So 4 hex digits will
give be 65,535 maximum points. Does anyone have a decent font for 0-9 and
A-F? I've been using the standard Activision 0-9 but I'd like A-F to match
the font type. I haven't totally figured out the scoring, but it will
probably be a point or few for each data blob read. Nothing too
complicated. Hmm. Maybe I should do 6-digits in hex... :)

I still need help thinking of a name - I assume this will be easier when I
actually have some decent play action.

(For those that forgot, I'm posting binaries and source for my updates on ) If people want, I can post the
bins and source to the list for archival purposes?

That's it for now! I still have a TON of work to do.. Maybe I'll be able to
get some done on the airplane during my many upcoming travels.. :)


At 07:23 PM 2/14/2001 +0100, Manuel Polik wrote:
>Hi again!
>When I was new to the list (more than three months ago :-)), I was
>asking what everybody was working on. Now, I'd just like to repeat that
>question, to update my database :-)
>Joe: On your webpage I see that your nameless(?) game was recently
>updated. How are you progressing?

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