Re: [stella] And now, something completely different... JAMMED v0.1

Subject: Re: [stella] And now, something completely different... JAMMED v0.1
From: Manuel Polik <manuel.polik@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 16:33:46 +0100
Thomas Jentzsch wrote:

> Manuel Polik wrote:
> > Uhm... actually I don't see any difference when hitting F5/F6 on Z26.
> > The mode it does on startup is working brilliant though.
> In default mode the cursor moves with the moving car, when you change the mode, it doesn't.

First is better.
> Thanks!
> Have you tried 500? :-)

Uhm... it just took me a quarter of an hour for 100 (+12 I finished.
Beat that! :-))
> > You're right, but JAMMED was only 50% of the secret plans, IIRC :-)
> I'm curious, what are the other 50%? Come on, I just published my 50%... :-)

Maybe the word 'Elevator' pops the other 50% back into your mind? :-)
> > As for sound, what about something similar to the 'honk' noises from
> > 'Freeway'?
> Something like that, yes. Maybe some engine noises when the car exits, too.

> That's why I won't add a melody at all, I'll better invest the bytes in something more usefull. And because I'm not a good sound designer, too.

Maybe random plinks, zzzonks & kloinks? :-)

> BTW: Did anybody notice that I'm a big fan of Monty Python?

>From the title of your mail? No, I didn't.
("Ich werde diese Schallplatte nicht kaufen, sie ist zerkratzt" :-))

BTW: What about using the kernel for Sokoban? And while you're at it,
try thinking about adding sprites for 'Chip's Challenge' :-)


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