Re: [stella] Qb: v0.11

Subject: Re: [stella] Qb: v0.11
From: "Thomas Jentzsch" <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 15:42:17 +0100
Andrew Davie wrote:
> Attached, just binaries this time....  nobody wants to see my source code
> anymore ;)

Hey, you know that's not true :)

> * the player is back in colour (!!)   There are some limitations on where
> the colour changes can be, but it looks pretty much like the previous colour
> version that I submitted (before the new kernal and memory savings).
> Anything Thomas says he likes becomes high priority :)

Whow, what a compliment! Thanks!!! 
And now: Jump from the next high building! 
No! Stop!!! Just kidding ;-) 

> In the end I installed and then removed the single-cycle-saving suggested by
> Thomas (in the sprite draw).  It was just too damn tricky trying to get all
> those external branches NOT to cross page boundaries.... given that I have 6
> lines of kernel, it happened pretty much all the time and it was very
> difficult to position code so that branches were within range.  As you see,
> I've managed the colour change without that extra cycle, and I think I'm
> going to leave it pretty much as-is from now on.

I know it's tricky, that's the reason why I put all my kernels at the very beginning of the code. That way, they are aligned, and no none-kernel-code disturbes them.

> Glenn also wrote...
> >wish that the pineapple guy didn't flicker, since the only reason he's
> >flickering appears to be to try to make him seem multicolored.  I don't
> >know of any other 2600 games that flicker for this aesthetic reason.  I
> >don't think it's worth the cost, and doesn't really result in a sprite that
> >appears multicolored at all, IMHO.  You can see the separate green and
> >yellowish layers flickering somewhat independently.  They don't blend.
> They might not on an emulator, but this game isn't destined for an emulator.
> I'm betting that the colours blend a hell of a lot better on an actual TV.
> I'm very interested to hear from anyone who has actually tried this on a
> TV... how does it look?  (I am not setup to view on a TV).  In any case,
> some sprites won't use this feature, and some (possibly) will.  The systems
> are capable of it, and that's all that's certain at this stage.  A
> single-colour pineapple looks pretty crappy.

Maybe they don't look that nice, but when you're playing a game for a longer time, you don't watch this anymore, only the gameplay counts then. Any flicker reduces gameplay and gives you some headache to soon, too.

> Yes, absolutely.  Truth is, I don't know how to read the switches yet...
> simply haven't gotten around to it.  I'm thinking about what each of them
> will do.  With the extra space, it is just possible that I could have a
> single PAL/NTSC version (in which case I'd use the COlour/BW switch for
> that).  

You shouldn't use Colour/BW because it's not supported by all hardware. Eckhard should know exactly.

> Over the last
> few days I have NOT had fun, and I'm becoming seriously worn-out with all
> the work.  But now, its over.  

One day, you will remember this made fun, too :)

Have fun!
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