Re: [stella] Qb: v0.12 Manuel's hungry

Subject: Re: [stella] Qb: v0.12 Manuel's hungry
From: Kurt.Woloch@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 17:02:26 +0100
Andrew Davie wrote:

>Manuel was hungry for fruit, so just for him....
>Attached, version 0.12 (PAL, NTSC, Stella) which allows you to eat various

...along with other useful items, like the useful life-spending heart, which
leads me to the question, how do you LOSE a life?
All in all, it even looks better than the Atari 800 version (that one didn't
display the score when you ate fruit), but, unlike the Atari 800 version,
fruits suddenly appear on the blocks instead of slowly emerging (and
disappearing if you don't take them).

With love from Austria (and many fruits to eat)
Kurt Woloch

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