[stella] Gunfight 2600: One Step Forward & Two Steps Back

Subject: [stella] Gunfight 2600: One Step Forward & Two Steps Back
From: Manuel Polik <manuel.polik@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 15:31:45 +0100
Hi there!

Ooops I did it again :-)

Ok, I had some more thoughts about my game during the weekend...

So, with the 90° shift I'm forced to limit myself to three shooting
angles and wouldn't need to do the gun with missiles any longer.

Some thoughts later... I was just wondering... when I accept this as a
good compromise anyway - then why turning 90° ?!? :-)

Ok... moving that descission aside, I just started developing animated
8-ways movement of my cowboys.

Doing the graphics is a slow proccess and I haven't yet found the best
way to animate the cowboy, but nevertheless thought to show you some
progress. You see about 25% of the walking animation, but I hope it's
enough for a first impression.)

I give out the source later, so feel free to just comment what you see.
(Uhm... I told you before, that the cowboys wouldn't look as good as
before, didn't I? :-))

I improved the joystick routine a little, now both cowboys can move at
once and even diagonal.


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