Re: [stella] Qb Instruciones & gameplay comments

Subject: Re: [stella] Qb Instruciones & gameplay comments
From: "Andrew Davie" <adavie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 23:50:31 +1100
Thanks for the comments Ruffin.

As it happens, my wife worked professionally producing the manuals for the
games in the early '80s (she worked for Mindscape, and setup Thunder
Mountain).   I have already asked her to do one (a manual) for Qb - so it
should have all the flavour and seriousness of one of the manuals from
back-then.  And it would be kind of the genuine product, really.

Thanks for the comments on the fruits.  Personally I think it makes a big
big difference, too.  I know Glenn hates 'em, though.

I plan to officially release a cart at a classic gaming convention ;)  The
code already has a serial number capability - for the first 100 carts only -
the score in demo mode starts with the cart's serial number.  The buyer's
name won't be there (though i considered that).  If I have any spare bytes,
that is what it will go towards, OK (that is, hidden/embedded in the cart
binary) :)  I'm still looking at options for producing cartridges - I wanted
to do them myself, but may not have time/skill.

I also have my NEXT project waiting to burst out the door....  I plan to
have THAT ready for the show, too :))  It's probably been done before, but
I'm really really keen to do it...  the timing is appropriate right now.
You'll all have to wait... I have to finish THIS one first.  For the next
one I plan a 2 week timeline ;)

Optimisation savings on Qb so far... 160 bytes (!)
Looking more and more like I can get that title screen in :)

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Subject: [stella] Qb Instruciones & gameplay comments

> Welp, I've gone to the site where Qb for the Atari 800
> ( is available for download,
> but I don't see a manual.  Not that the premise seems too difficult (took
> me a few seconds playing to find out what that site says; the fire button
> gets rid of the "bad guys"), but I thought I might bug you for
> one.  Manuals are definitely one of my favorite parts of a game, and the
> quality over the years seems to have gotten quite a bit worse.  Who is
> Qb critter?  What's his motivation?!!  Where's all this crazy fruit come
> from?  Is Qb a vegetarian?  etc.  :^D
> And fwiw, I think the flicker works with the fruits.  The game's going
> enough that I enjoy the multicolor more than I dislike the flicker.  I
> remember games like Donkey Kong (where Kong was one color, iirc) and
> perhaps Popeye where the lack of multicolor really hurt the gameplay imo.
> There is a sinlge-color critter who's potato looking who seems to have the
> palsy.  Sometimes he jumps, and sometimes he just sits there.  What's up
> with him?
> Cool game, thanks!  When's the cart coming out?  Soon as you get the title
> screen?  :^)  Would be neat to get the buyer's name in there or perhaps
> just the number of the cart.
> Ruffin Bailey
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