[stella] Qb: FINAL (?)

Subject: [stella] Qb: FINAL (?)
From: "Andrew Davie" <adavie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 23:35:11 +1100
Attached, a candidate for "final" version of Qb.
I've tackled the timing issues, some gameplay and speed-related requests...
added a few frames of graphics for the player, and basically stuffed around
for the rest of the time optimising where I didn't really need to.  I'm
including the source code which, for the last week or so, has descended into
a bit of a hack.  Basically, getting it complete has become more important
than coding style - oh well.  Its a bit of a tangled mess (partly due to the
removal of modularity and structure in the search for bytes).
Anyway, please don't spend too much time trying to optimise the code - I'm
sure there are lots of optimisations (especially in the newer code) - but
now I'm not looking for extra space, I just want to get it out the door.
Please report any bugs/glitches... I'm fairly confident there won't be many.
Specifically, I've fixed the problems when the tableaux changes during
mid-game, and when there are lots of cubes on the screen.  Appears to work
OK in both PAL and NTSC.  I've also changed the timer usage so that the
screen #lines appears to be stable (finally!)
This looks like, essentially, the version that will be going to the
PhillyClassic show in April - and where the game will make its debut on
cartridge.  I'm currently listed on the www.retrogames.com site, and have
received 770 visitors to my Qb site
(www.taswegian.com/TwoHeaded/Atari2600/qb.html) so far today (!!).
Hopefully some of those will become sales :)
Anyway, as I said... here it is in all its glory... the "final" version of
Thanks to everyone for all their help, comments, and suggestions.
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