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Subject: Re: [stella] Adventure Project
From: "Chad & Jennifer Hendrickson" <chadh@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2001 08:38:31 -0500
Here is a link to the Adventure source code:

Chad Hendrickson

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> Forgive me if this has been gone over before, I did some 6502
> programming ages ago for modems and the Apple computer - gasp - when
> I was in high school. As a spare time hobby I have started to work on
> expanding the classic "Adventure" maze and would like to query on
> what documentation is available so that I don't reinvent the wheel.
> 1. Does anyone have a bit map of the maze done? Does anyone have the
> CRC documented so that the annoying black bar at the bottom can be
> exorcized?
> 2. Does anyone know if there is a documented copy of the source code?
> 3. Has anyone previously worked on new mazes?
> Currently, since this is strictly a spare time project, and there is
> *no* assurance that anything will come of it I am working on the
> following:
> 1. The base of the "straight shot" to the black castle now enters
> down to the area right of the large area near the gold castle.
> 2. The area right is now not accessible from the gold castle. I'm
> trying to figure out a sneaky parity way to make it so that the
> easter egg is still accessible, even though the room is not.
> This means to get to the white castle from the gold castle one must
> go through the blue maze. It also means that one can use the bridge
> to go from the room below the gold castle, to the attic of the gold
> castle, back up again appearing in the blue maze, and then down again
> to the gold area and to the catacombs.
> 3. I've added a pit to the room below the white castle, one can go
> freely to the attic. This creates another "trap door" effect, but not
> as useful as the gold castle dodge listed above.
> 4. I've added the same pit to the black castle.
> 5. I've added two trap doors in the first black castle room, which
> dump you into the black castle catacombs, but are one way.
> - - -
> My current plan:
> 1. Finish this first pass of the maze. Figure out the CRC so that it
> looks as good as the original.  Add more complications in the "empty"
> rooms - specifically the rooms on the other side of the catacombs,
> the room below the white castle, the room left of the gold castle.
> Change the white castle's maze so that its trap door (at the bottom
> of the inaccessible area) enters into another inaccessible area -
> making it possible that one will need to use the "hidden bridge"
> technique.
> Document what I've found out about making mazes so that other people
> can do this as well.
> 2. Begin changing the rooms. Add another room that is behind the
> other "dotable" wall (rooms to the right of the catacombs).
> 3. Alter the randomiser to but objects in more places, including in
> the new easter egg room. Which will be a "wizards castle" - we have a
> wizard, we should have his tower.
> 4. Gut the old level 1 and 2 games, and use the space for more stuff.
> 5. Add a new object or two. If I can add a few rooms in the wizard's
> castle, then a new key is in order.
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