[stella] Indenture is a good starting place

Subject: [stella] Indenture is a good starting place
From: Ruffin Bailey <rufbo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2001 08:28:04 -0400
on 4/3/01 2:00 AM, Glenn Saunders at cybpunks@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> The idea of Adventure mods is as old as the list, but nobody's done anything.
> I think the most progressive thing to do is to use the Adventure engine to
> build a different kind of game, ala Superman and Haunted House, rather than
> to just add more rooms.

Along those lines, do try and track down the old Indenture game for MS-DOS.
It's a nearly perfect port of Adventure (collisions aren't dealt with the
same as a 2600 (minor differences) and the bat's AI is a bit different) to
your PC.  The sounds are well done, and I think it pretty much set the bar
pretty high on what you could do with extra space.  I never finished it,
that's for sure.

I tried a quick search for Indenture, and the vgr pages have at the very
least moved.  Anyone know where it lives now?

At any rate, you should at least be able to get some very good ideas on how
to expand Adventure from that game.  The new sections are exapnsive and the
token system befuddlin'.  It might also put you over the edge from thinking
about expanding Adventure to making a wholly different game based on the
code.  Indenture, though on a different system, definitely has the market
cornered on Adventure expansion in my book.

Ruffin Bailey

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