[stella] Outlaw Survey

Subject: [stella] Outlaw Survey
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 00:34:24 +0200
And yet another post on a similar topic! :-)

I don't recall if I told ya before that I'm reverse-engineering Outlaw
too. I'm pretty far into it already, having for example already
commented the 4-line display kernel completely. (A good laugh on some
parts by the way. At least for people who think 6502 coding is fun :-))

Now I thought not only posting the source as such - once it's done, but
additionally transfering it into a tutorial/template for teaching
purposes on the one hand and as a starter-kit/follow-up for people
who're already through with 'How To Draw A Playfield'. Therefore I
thought to strip it down a bit, in order to make it simpler _and_ to
make room for testing code/variables, so that one can toy around with it
right away.

Now, I'd like to do a survey on what are the most loved featuers and
then I'll remove everything else, except one(!) hardcoded game
variation. (Besides, I'm shamelessly missuse the results for making
gunfight a better game :-))

Ok, see the following checkboxes as radio buttons, i.e. one choice per
line & ->select what you prefer<- most:

[ ] One Player Modes [ ] Two Player modes
[ ] cactus [ ] coach [ ] wall
[ ] Difficulty A (bullets disappear when killed) [ ] Difficulty B
[ ] Shootable [ ] Not shootable
[ ] Move cowboy always [ ] Move cowboy after his bullet disappeared
[ ] Sixshooter [ ] Unlimited ammo
[ ] Moving obstacle [ ] Static obstacle

Please send that when filled out back to my private mail to
I'll post the results in about a week then.

When you're not voting, don't complain later when the resulting template
doesn't match your personal tase :-)


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