Re: [stella] What do you need?

Subject: Re: [stella] What do you need?
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 18 May 2001 18:47:11 +0200
Hi Christopher!

>   Another open request.  One of our first projects at Afterlife is the
> creation of a Windows-based SDK for the Atari 2600(non-Windows later).  I'm
> already interviewing a few programmers and the project is under way, but it
> is short on features at the moment.  What I need is everyone's help on
> creating a list of tools that would be useful for the 2600 programmer.  Do
> you want a decimal/hexidecimal converter?  A calculator?  

I use the Windows calculator in scientific mode for that.

> How about a
> graphics tool that outputs in code that can be directly pasted into your
> code?  

I was thinking on something like an *.ICO to VCS converter, then one
could use Microangelo or stuff like that as graphics editor.

> Sound tools for composing?  

That'd be cool I think.

> Let me know.  Now is the time.  The basic
> program is being built right now, but as I am not a capable 2600 programmer
> I need to know what you need to make your job easier.  Once finished, the
> program will be posted for download off our website.  It will be completely
> free and is not really one of our products, it's just our way of supporting
> the Atari programming community.  

How bout integrating tools into Textpad or the the Visiual Studio?

> Thanks for your support and interest and
> I'll be looking forward to the responses.


BTW: You didn't step on my toe...

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