[stella] What do you need?

Subject: [stella] What do you need?
From: "Christopher Rydberg" <solitaire0@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 05:36:13 -0000
Hello all,

Another open request. One of our first projects at Afterlife is the creation of a Windows-based SDK for the Atari 2600(non-Windows later). I'm already interviewing a few programmers and the project is under way, but it is short on features at the moment. What I need is everyone's help on creating a list of tools that would be useful for the 2600 programmer. Do you want a decimal/hexidecimal converter? A calculator? How about a graphics tool that outputs in code that can be directly pasted into your code? Sound tools for composing? Let me know. Now is the time. The basic program is being built right now, but as I am not a capable 2600 programmer I need to know what you need to make your job easier. Once finished, the program will be posted for download off our website. It will be completely free and is not really one of our products, it's just our way of supporting the Atari programming community. Thanks for your support and interest and I'll be looking forward to the responses.

Christopher Rydberg solitaire0@xxxxxxxxxxx afterlife.terrashare.com

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