RE: [stella] My demo...

Subject: RE: [stella] My demo...
From: "Gonzalo" <horcas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 19:14:34 -0300
Eckhard escribió:

> The speed comes from the number of scanlines that you do per frame. NTSC
> games usually do 262 lines per frame, which results in a rate of 60
> frames per second. Games for the European PAL VCSs usually do 312 lines
> per frame, which gets you 50 frames per second. If you write a PAL game
> that does 50 frames per second, it will play at the same speed on any
> VCS, be it PAL, NTSC or SECAM. However you would probably have to adjust
> your NTSC TV in order to have the game syncronize to it.
> The colour palette is different on all three models of the VCS. So
> if you want to write a game, where the colours do matter, you would
> probably be better off writing special versions for each TV-standard.

So I can write the same code for both systems and change only the colors,
reading the console switches for NTSC or PAL? But the screen will be shown
in the PAL system?

Manuel escribió:

> Hi Gonzalo!
> I just wanted to say that I think
> its real cool that finally someone
> attempts a *real* vertical shooter
> on the VCS.

Thanks, I just hope to do something decent... I'm starting to think that
is too much for my first attemp...

> There isn't much competition in that
> field besides River Raid, so I think
> it was about time!

wow, River Raid is a very big competitor... it will be a good inspiration
(is it true that it was programmed by a sweet lady? is Carol a female name?)

> I already like the scrolling effect,
> maybe you should keep that, instead
> of trying to integrate some playfield
> shape.

yes, I'm going to keep the effect (it's possible thanks to the Thomas
optimizations). I don't know what I'll do, I was thinking
about rescue people from islands and carry them to safe bases... fighting
against jets and ships... What do you think? Maybe I have to get some


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