Re: [stella] Standards

Subject: Re: [stella] Standards
From: Erik Mooney <erik@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 15:57:29 -0400
>> The most common advice is that it doesn't matter
>> what coding style you 
>> pick, as long as you pick one and stick to it.

My own souce code is pretty darn messy as far as style goes.  The reason
is because several sections were cut and pasted from other authors (the
whole thing being still an edit of Nick's How to Draw a Playfield intro),
and of course Piero added his own code and style to it.  I have a feeling
much 2600 code winds up like that.
>> However, in my travels, I've never seen any style
>> suggested for assembly 
>> language programming.

Nor have I.  I think the advice from the first paragraph is what counts.

>> The homebrew programs I've seen show a number of
>> different styles.

My own INV source (curious: where'd you get those sources, and was mine
also there?), at least the parts that I wrote, has opcodes in lowercase,
variable names in mixed-case without any prefixes, labels on the same line
as jump targets for small loops but on their own lines to deliminate
blocks of code, and I don't actually think I used defined constants other
than the VCS register equates, all in uppercase.

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