Re: [stella] Standards

Subject: Re: [stella] Standards
From: Piero Cavina <p.cavina@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 22:28:44 +0200
At 15.57 15/06/01 -0400, Erik Mooney wrote:

>> The homebrew programs I've seen show a number of
>> different styles.

My own INV source (curious: where'd you get those sources, and was mine
also there?), at least the parts that I wrote, has opcodes in lowercase

I learned 6502 on a Rockwell AIM-65.
It had simple built-in disassembler.. and a nice a 20-digits (LED) alphanumeric display, uppercase only. Then I "upgraded" to an Apple II.. still no lowercase :)
Guess why my code for the 2600 is still all uppercase :)

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