Re: [stella] Some Questions That Bug Me

Subject: Re: [stella] Some Questions That Bug Me
From: "John Saeger" <john@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2001 01:11:12 -0700
Chad Schell wrote:

> Wouldn't that depend a lot on the optics / electronics of the video
> cameras?   If the cameras output a resolution higher than you capture than
> you're losing information.

O.K. the cameras put out what I would consider to be a *regular* video
signal.  The picture shows up on any typical monochrome video monitor.
Nothing special.  I haven't measured it but they tell me that the
information comes at 30 fps.  And I'm capturing with one of those ASUS
all-in-one deluxe video cards.  Also at 30 fps.  How many scanlines of
*real* information is that?  Is it more like 240 or 480?  And what does
Glenn mean by interlaced?  Does a video signal repeat the same information
twice so that the screen is updated at 60 fps?  Or is it new information
each time?  But updating every other scanline?

> It also depends on what you're looking at with the microscope.  Is it
> enough that the loss of resolution would make any difference in what you
> ultimately want to do with the images?

I don't know for sure.  Probably not, but I'd hate to lose anything
important.  ;-)  They tell me that the images are limited more by the optics
than the camera.  It's Brewster angle microscopy and the resolution is
supposedly pretty low.


> Chad
> At 11:39 PM 6/23/2001, you wrote:
> >Glenn Saunders wrote:
> >
> > > I would say that the maximum usable number of scanlines is 482, i.e.
> > > noninterlaced, again, with much of the picture going into overscan.
> >
> >Sorry for asking an off-topic question, but I'm hooking up video capture
> >some microscopes that have video cameras on them, and I'm wondering what
> >resolution to capture at.  I can capture at 30 fps, but should I use
> >or 704x480?  Am I losing any real information if I use the lower
> >
> >John
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