Fw: Re: Re: [stella] Infogrames considers Atari 2600 B-Side release!

Subject: Fw: Re: Re: [stella] Infogrames considers Atari 2600 B-Side release!
From: Godzilla <kickass@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 12:24:8 -0500
>From: Godzilla <kickass@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>To: stella@xxxxxxxxxxx <stella@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: Re: [stella] Infogrames considers Atari 2600 B-Side release!

>Well, for what its worth here are some of my all time favorite 2600 games
>(avoiding as many BIG names as possible, and trying to get some obscure picks.)
>Quadrun (one of the few rare games that is REALLY awesome.)
>Entombed (one of the BEST two player games I've EVER played.)
>Space Master X-7 (one of my all time favorite shooters, gets REALLY fast)
>Flash Gordon (aka atari 800 spiders from mars,) a really excellent improvement on the defender concept
>Turmoil - pure frantic joy
>Beany Bopper, Worm War One - Humor, strategic shooting challenge AND speed/reflex
>Tapeworm - EXCELLENT update on the classic snake game
>Fast Food or Taz, prefereablly fast food - one of the best reflex games, right up there with kaboom
>Cross Force - awesome, and very unique shooter
>Space War - The original classic one on one space battle
>Star Ship - it's old, it's odd, but I STILL love it, and its got a LOT of unique two player games
>Stellar Track - Portable old skool star trek gaming goodness, strategy on the go
>3d tic tac toe this would be a fun link game
>Krull - one of the greatest movie based games ever, and a nice 2600 technical achievement too
>Stargate/Defender II - amazing! every arcade level, and near arcade perfect, a real 2600 milestone
>midnight magic (preferably,) or video pinball if u cant get midnight. both really fun pinball games
>SOLARIS!!! It must be!!!
>Indy 500 or sprintmaster great overhead racing, fun multiplayer
>Night Driver nice twitch game, very old skool
>Fatal Run nice drive n shoot
>Radar Lock - the closest the 2600 ever came to afterburner, and in some ways has batter gameplay
>Klax - pure puzzle satisfation
>at least one of the homebrew tetris games, preferably the multi player one
>Desert Falcon - just to show that 3d iso metric can be done on the 2600
>kung fu master - very nice arcade adaption
>Inflitrate - elevator actionesque fun
>Solar Fox - just plain awesome, better than the arcade, imho
>Mountain King - great music, and an awesome, deep platform game
>ya just gotta have the original smurf game! :)
>Cosmic Swarm is a very unique strategy shooter, lotta fun
>Frankenstein's Monster - neat atmosphere and great challenege
>Warplock/Encounter at L-5 - ugly, but severly underrated shooters, game play saves them
>Dark Cavern - the best maze shooter ive ever played
>Tapper - great conversion and really impressive for the 2600
>Tac-Scan another classic 2600 shooter that I liked better than the arcade
>Planet Patrol - fun multi wave scrolling shooter
>Super Cobra - dont ask me why, but I still love the 2600 version
>ALL the starpath games :)
>Jawbreaker - the BEST pac-man variant I've ever played.
>Threshold - Better than megamania?? I think SO!
>Commando Raid - Classic Sabotage goodness
>Spike's Peak/Ghost Manor - very challenging, and lots of screens, and very unique game play and a female protaganist!

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