Re: Re: [stella] Infogrames considers Atari 2600 B-Side release!

Subject: Re: Re: [stella] Infogrames considers Atari 2600 B-Side release!
From: Godzilla <kickass@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2001 11:48:59 -0500
Well, for what its worth here are some of my all time favorite 2600 games
(avoiding as many BIG names as possible, and trying to get some obscure picks.)

Quadrun (one of the few rare games that is REALLY awesome.)
Entombed (one of the BEST two player games I've EVER played.)
Space Master X-7 (one of my all time favorite shooters, gets REALLY fast)
Flash Gordon (aka atari 800 spiders from mars,) a really excellent improvement on the defender concept
Turmoil - pure frantic joy
Beany Bopper, Worm War One - Humor, strategic shooting challenge AND speed/reflex
Tapeworm - EXCELLENT update on the classic snake game
Fast Food or Taz, prefereablly fast food - one of the best reflex games, right up there with kaboom
Cross Force - awesome, and very unique shooter
Space War - The original classic one on one space battle
Star Ship - it's old, it's odd, but I STILL love it, and its got a LOT of unique two player games
Stellar Track - Portable old skool star trek gaming goodness, strategy on the go
3d tic tac toe this would be a fun link game
Krull - one of the greatest movie based games ever, and a nice 2600 technical achievement too
Stargate/Defender II - amazing! every arcade level, and near arcade perfect, a real 2600 milestone
midnight magic (preferably,) or video pinball if u cant get midnight. both really fun pinball games
SOLARIS!!! It must be!!!
Indy 500 or sprintmaster great overhead racing, fun multiplayer
Night Driver nice twitch game, very old skool
Fatal Run nice drive n shoot
Radar Lock - the closest the 2600 ever came to afterburner, and in some ways has batter gameplay
Klax - pure puzzle satisfation
at least one of the homebrew tetris games, preferably the multi player one
Desert Falcon - just to show that 3d iso metric can be done on the 2600
kung fu master - very nice arcade adaption
Inflitrate - elevator actionesque fun
Solar Fox - just plain awesome, better than the arcade, imho
Mountain King - great music, and an awesome, deep platform game
ya just gotta have the original smurf game! :)
Cosmic Swarm is a very unique strategy shooter, lotta fun
Frankenstein's Monster - neat atmosphere and great challenege
Warplock/Encounter at L-5 - ugly, but severly underrated shooters, game play saves them
Dark Cavern - the best maze shooter ive ever played
Tapper - great conversion and really impressive for the 2600
Tac-Scan another classic 2600 shooter that I liked better than the arcade
Planet Patrol - fun multi wave scrolling shooter
Super Cobra - dont ask me why, but I still love the 2600 version
ALL the starpath games :)
Jawbreaker - the BEST pac-man variant I've ever played.
Threshold - Better than megamania?? I think SO!
Commando Raid - Classic Sabotage goodness
Spike's Peak/Ghost Manor - very challenging, and lots of screens, and very unique game play and a female protaganist!

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