[stella] How to...

Subject: [stella] How to...
From: Gonzalo Fernández <horcas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 12:59:24 -0300
Hi... I'm toying again with my demo and trying to include an island with a
palm tree (the palmera :) I need very low resolution for the Playfield to
get a big island. I wrote a code for an 8 scanlines res but it doesn't work
well, I know why but I can't fix it (the island starts jump every 4 frames I
think). Does anybody wrote a routine that can do what I'm trying to do?
Something like "How to get low resolution"?

This is my code:

 sta WSYNC
 sbc VerPosPF
 adc #88
 bcc NoPF    ;don't draw the island
 tax       ; Save Y
 lsr       ;2 lsr for an 8 scanlines resolution PF. This doesn't work well
 lda (islandPtr),Y
 sta PF2
 tay       ; Restore Y

If you can, please take a look to the code.


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