Re: [stella] Closed Captioning revisited

Subject: Re: [stella] Closed Captioning revisited
From: Mark De Smet <de-smet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2001 19:01:40 -0500 (CDT)
Glenn, on a slight tangent from this line of thinking I'm reminded of a
recent trip to the UK.

I was in a friends apartment, and played around with thier TV.  It had a
feature that the panasonic tv called "tv text"  

What is it?  Is it an expansion of CC?  Is this something we could make
use off?

I playing with it and it was quite cool.  It seemed kinda like a mini web
browser of things a broadcast channel put out.  The BBC stations had what
seemed like a couple hundred 'channels' that included things like news, tv
listings, reviews, weather, PSA's etc...  It allowed a lot of text over
the entire screen, and low res graphics.

Anyone from the UK care to enlighten us(me)?


> I did a lot of digging and finally I think I found it...
> I believe this document has all the necessary technical info (to the person 
> with enough smarts to translate analog measurements and timings into 2600 
> pixel coordinates and widths) to be able to generate a CC encoder program 
> for the VCS.
> CC is quite feature-rich these days.  It's almost like a low-resolution 
> ANSI.  It supports multiple colors and you can reposition the text around 
> the screen.
> I read through the docs and I don't see anything that would disqualify the 
> 2600 from being able to generate CC.  As long as the 2600 can generate a 
> bitmap on one line either through playfield, sprites, or probably both, that 
> aligns itself properly, then it should work.  That is also assuming that 
> TV's CC decoder cares or not that the data is duplicated through both fields 
> or that the signal technically isn't even interlaced....
> If Christopher wants to be really innovative with his text adventure, he 
> should attempt to use CC, and if he succeeds, maybe even use a hybrid 
> CC/graphical display, although it would be really cool to have a game that 
> generates ONLY CC and an otherwise black screen.  I'm not sure you could 
> port the Infocom parser to the 2600 if you still only have 128 bytes RAM, 
> and if you go with the Supercharger you're locked into 6K max for each game 
> module, but you could still do a lot.  With a limited number of commands you 
> could store a pretty big game in 16 or 32K.
> Who is going to be the first with a program demo that spits out HELLO WORLD 
> in CC??
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