[stella] 7800 development - one hangup..help?

Subject: [stella] 7800 development - one hangup..help?
From: "Frank Palazzolo" <palazzol@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 00:16:54 -0400

One thing is keeping my 7800 signer program from working perfectly.  Maybe 
someone whose familiar with the 68K assembly will be able to tell me what 
I'm missing.

The hash as computed by the Atari ST program does something extra to 
hash[4], different from the hash algorithm in the console. 

Ahh..here is the hideous code, right at the end of the hash routine...it starts 
with the high byte of the hash at reg11 (I think)...and ends up modifying the 
hash[4] at T19974.


P.S.  I can probably work around the problem by trying all 256 possible 
hashes, but I'd rather fix it correctly if possible.

	 move.b	 reg11,d0		       ; 10071 00004E02	     ø9øøNø
	 add.b	 U71432,d0		       ; D0071 00011708	     ø9øøøø
	 add.b	 U71433,d0		       ; D0071 00011709	     ø9øøøø
	 add.b	 U71434,d0		       ; D0071 0001170A	     ø9øøøø
	 add.b	 U71435,d0		       ; D0071 0001170B	     ø9øøøø
	 add.b	 U71436,d0		       ; D0071 0001170C	     ø9øøøø
	 add.b	 U71437,d0		       ; D0071 0001170D	     ø9øøøø
	 add.b	 U71438,d0		       ; D0071 0001170E	     ø9øøøø
	 add.b	 U71439,d0		       ; D0071 0001170F	     ø9øøøø
	 add.b	 L5922,d0		       ; D0071 00001722	     ø9øøø"
	 add.b	 L6048,d0		       ; D0071 000017A0	     ø9øøøø
	 add.b	 T19011,d0		       ; D0071 00004A43	     ø9øøJC
	 add.b	 U23380,d0		       ; D0071 00005B54	     ø9øø[T
	 add.b	 U55893,d0		       ; D0071 0000DA55	     ø9øøøU
	 add.b	 U61315,d0		       ; D0071 0000EF83	     ø9øøøø
	 add.b	 U65599,d0		       ; D0071 0001003F	     ø9øøø?
	 add.b	 U67979,d0		       ; D0071 0001098B	     ø9øøøø
	 add.b	 T19974,d0		       ; D0071 00004E06	     ø9øøNø
	 move.b	 d0,T19974		       ; 11700 00004E06	     øøøøNø

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