[stella] Decathlon Incompatibility Problem

Subject: [stella] Decathlon Incompatibility Problem
From: Mauricio Tadeu Alegretti <malegretti@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 08:56:25 -0300 (ART)
Hello Guys,

I'm a member of a brazilian classic games collector's club, named Canal 3
(Channel 3). We have discovered a very strange behaviour on a brazilian 2600
clone named Dactar: it seems to suffer from the same compatibility problem of
some of the 7800 systems with the Decathlon and Robot Tank cartridges.
Unfortunately, we werent able to test it with a Supercharger yet, 'cause
everybody who has the Dactar+SC combo is afraid to fry the SC... ;-)

We are investigating this matter, and I would like to know if someone has any
more info (than that presented on the FAQ) about the problems that the 7800 has
with the bankswitching method used on this cartridge... I am particulary
interested if there is a batch of some chip that could be defective. Anyway,
you can register this: there is at least one confirmed 2600 clone (the
brazilian Dactar, and it seems that all of them suffer from the bug) that has
the same incompatibility as some 7800.

Thanks in advance!!!

Mauricio Tadeu Alegretti

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