Re: [RE: [stella] River Raid disassembled /CGE]

Subject: Re: [RE: [stella] River Raid disassembled /CGE]
From: Dan Iacovelli <dan-avc@xxxxxxx>
Date: 13 Aug 2001 18:55:30 CDT
"Bob Colbert" <rcolbert1@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> 	First, let me remind everyone that the Solaris source is available on my
> website, with the original author's comments.
> Next, let me give a very brief recap of the parts of CGE that are
> semi-relevant to this mailing list:
> 	Atari programmers keynote speech - kicked butt!  Rob Fulop, Bob Polaro and
> John Seghers spoke about the good ol' times. (There was a 4th person there,
> can't remember off hand who).
> 	Homebrew keynote - dominated by Joe Decuir, this was pretty much an
> infomercial for this mailing list.  It presented an introduction how 2600
> games were programmed in the 70's as well as now.  Chad Schell was nice
> enough to demonstrate the Cuttle Cart (do you have yours yet????)  We also
> heard from John Harris, Joe Grand and Brian Prescott.

> 	Got to meet some peole from this group too.  It was a great time!
> 					Bob
hey bob, haven't heard from you in while on this list.
(I wish I could have benn there in vegas, but not enough time and money
maybe next year)
I was at last years cge and I too enjoyed the keynote from joe decuir
even brought home the notes he passed arround to help me on my 2600
I've been thinking of buying the cuttle cart,but I'm kind of down on funds at
the moment.
Dan Iacovelli
(After tomarow, my Dan-AVC@xxxxxxx e-mail will be no more so please
change the address to: Dan-AVC@xxxxxxx )

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