Aw: [stella] River Raid disassembled

Subject: Aw: [stella] River Raid disassembled
From: cybergoth@xxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 15:01:20 +0200 (CEST)
Hi Thomas!

> attached to this mail, you'll get a nearly complete
> disassembled River Raid source code, with as many
> comments as you can expect from me :-)

Wow, that was fast!

Though it's currently not useful for me to read, it's very good
to have it - just in case. I always scan through similar code
and examine the 'How it's done', when I'm stuck with my own 
stuff :-)

> When i did this, I was feeling a bit like an
> archeological explorer, but without getting dirty :)

That's what I like about reverse-engineering, too :-)
> I want to do some more games (any suggestions are
> welcome!) to add some more pieces to the puzzle 

Most of all I'd like to know how the scroller in
'Fatal Run' is done and how much RAM/ROM it consumes. 
The Music Driver might be interesting, too :-)

Another interesting thing might be the Midnight Magic Flipper.
(My fleamarket brag this weekend. :-))
At least I found it interesting that it seems to display the score
via six-char in the middle of the flipper table, i.e. the ball
has to *cross* it... 

> and maybe some people want to join my task. 

I do from time to time. Outlaws & Starmaster were fun to examine.
But the next reverse-engineering I'll probably do might be the
dungeon creation of either 'Sword Of Fargoal' and/or 'Gateway To Apshai'
on the C64...

But none of this will happen this year... I've another task to complete
first. I see a productive week coming again - by the end of august :-)


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