Re: [stella] Activision keynote speech

Subject: Re: [stella] Activision keynote speech
From: Steve Richardson <prefect@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 09:28:16 -0400
Bob Colbert:
> Hi,
> 	I've transferred the entire Activision keynote speech to VCD (2 CD's).  I
> might put them on my Linux box for download if I can get the FTP set up
> correctly, or if anyone has a site with about 900 megs free let me know!
> I'll work on transferring the other keynotes as time permits.
> 			Bob


A big "thanks!" for doing that transfer.  It was fantastic to have
the opportunity to hear those guys talk.  Also, it was a good excuse
to try burning a VCD.

I'm curious, did you happen to tape the talk with Joe Decuir that was
mentioned in the Activision set?  As a hardware designer (and an
impressionable pre-teen Atari fanatic in the early 80s), I find that
stuff absolutely fascinating.  The minute or so where he talks during
the Activision keynote was very interesting to me.

Do other people on the list have the same strange feeling of
demystification that I do when hearing how many of these products were
developed?  When I was growing up banging away on my 8-bitter, there
was an extreme emotional attachment to the machine.  I grew to love
its architecture and accept it as "the way things were."  Now, almost
20 years later, it's a weird feeling to appreciate that most
everything was mostly a product of engineering decisions, some
marketing decisions, and some incredible creativity and talent from a
few guys.  I guess it's weird to realize that such an important part
of my world was created by a few guys with some good ideas.

I really found it pretty funny how the folks actually working on the
400/800 project thought of it as a games machine.  All of my zealotry
from the old days (Atari vs. the rest of the 6502-based world) flushed
down the drain! :)

"Where's the weather reporting software?"



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