Re: [stella] Re: 2600's TIA & the TV Boy

Subject: Re: [stella] Re: 2600's TIA & the TV Boy
From: Rob <kudla@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 08:25:52 -0400
At 12:58 AM 8/20/01 -0400, Chris Wilkson wrote:
>and limited ways to build each one.  And with the new interest in 2600
>hardware from people who have much more time and money to throw at the
>problem, I just don't see a place for me to exist in the hobby.

Yeah, let me just say that I laughed out loud when I saw the word "NDA"
used on the list last night in relation to a 24-year-old video game with a
market in the three-digit range.

It's never a good sign when business guys get too interested in a hobby.  I
haven't written a byte of code for the 2600 since someone else's business
interests ruined it for me a year and a half ago; it just left a bad taste
in my mouth and removed any desire on my part to release anything.  We'll
have to see if the Cuttle cures this, but hearing it was safe to start
Jumpman didn't.

It sure sounds like a similar situation is developing on the hardware side.
 Let me just say that anyone thinking of selling ANY 2600-related hardware
in quantities of 10,000 - even to emulate it on other platforms - is
smoking a big bowl of cheap crack.  You may proceed with the "nuh-uhs".


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