[stella] Building a better 2600...

Subject: [stella] Building a better 2600...
From: "Christopher Rydberg" <solitaire0@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 05:33:47 +0000
Hey all,

I just got back from a trip and read through many mails concerning 2600/TIA schematics. Do I understand correctly? Does someone actually have the 2600-in-a-chip plans laying around? I have hunted them unsuccessfuly for some time now. If someone has them or they are around somewhere please fill me in. I badly want them to use for Afterlife Interactive's portable 2600 project, the AI Classic. Without those plans the project is little more than a dream. Also, I will happily help everyone to get it manufactured at low cost here in Taiwan. I have no desire to hoard my successes and will happily make the chips for the VCSp or any other VCS project but I need those plans first. What are the legal entanglements of the plans? Who officially owns them? I don't think it would be a problem, but you never know and I should be careful after drawing a bit of attention from Infogrames awhile ago with my heavy inquiries into Atari hardware IP rights. Anyway, someone please e-mail me about those plans and if you are interested in the AI Classic I will be posting detailed ramblings about what it should and shouldn't be to our website some time in early September. I am too busy right now with a other projects (the AI Studio/2600 Studio, Blank Cart Depot, Duel Of Dragon and Tiger) to really finish it before then. Later all.

Christopher Rydberg solitaire0@xxxxxxxxxxx afterlife.100megsfree4.com

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