Re: [stella] Newbie

Subject: Re: [stella] Newbie
From: "Thomas Jentzsch" <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001 08:55:36 +0200
Ben wrote:
> Hi all...I've just recently taken up Atari 2600
> programming.  


> Haven't done any console programming
> before, although I have done some motorola 6809
> assembly language stuff.  6502 seems pretty
> straightforward enough (although, of course, that's
> the easy part :) ).  

You got it already :)

> Anyway still learning a
> fact the only thing semi-interesting I've done so far
> is create an asymmetrical playfield which uses all 3
> PF registers on both sides of the screen.  Doesn't
> seem like there's much CPU time to do anything else
> though. :)

There is much more time than you might expect now, but never enough when it really counts :)

> Anyway sorry to keep rambling's my actual
> question:  OK, not having the means of interfacing
> from computer to the actual VCS, I was wondering how
> accurate the various emulators (i.e. 'StellaX', 'Z26')
> are as far as the hardware goes.  Like, does anyone
> know what, in particular, to watch out for that might
> work OK on an emulator but not on the actual hardware?

The best emulation by far has z26, it's very reliable as long as you do he normal stuff (I've developed Thrust nearly completely with z26, just some fine tuning with the help of Eckhard Stollberg was necessary.).
PCAE and Stella(X) have some problems with uncommon HMOVE writes and undocumented ("illegal") opcodes. All may fail more or less, if you try something that wasn't done before.  

> Also, what do you guys use to interface with the VCS
> directly?  EPROM writers and old cartriges with the
> rom chips removed or what? (I'm not really a hardware
> person in case you couldn't tell)

I guess most testing is done with the Supercharger, but it's not really a must (s.a.).

Have fun!
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