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Subject: Re: [stella] Brazil
From: Lee Krueger <resqsoft@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001 20:58:23 -0700
Glenn Saunders wrote:

> At 12:38 AM 8/22/2001 -0300, you wrote:
> >games local distribution channel... or even the Cyberpunks Stella CD
> >distribution, who knows? ;-)
> We did go to quite an effort to make sure the PAL games were complete.
> >This is a scanned Canal3 SC ad, its on one of my friend's personal page:
> >
> This is a priceless scan.
> Were these just resells of PAL Superchargers or Supercharger clones?
> If they are clones, they ripped off Starpath's ad graphics!!
> This is so funny.  It looks like some guy in Brazil reverse engineered the
> encoding, dumped ROM images, and created his own encoder (ala Makewav) and
> then exploited the fact that you can run most 2 and 4K games on the thing
> by pirating them off.

The Canal 3 would also play 8k games. See the ad and you'll notice Ms
I have a couple of tapes (Subteranea being one of them), but no Canal 3 to
play them on.


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