[stella] Tombstones and such...

Subject: [stella] Tombstones and such...
From: cybergoth@xxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 10:10:59 +0200 (CEST)
Hi Glenn!

I think I'm finally getting what you're trying to do...
(That is Death Race by Exidy? Maybe I should play 
it on MAME once :-))

Ok for a minimum of 32 different located tombstones, 
I'd suggest two tables á 32 Byte in the RAM.

The first table stores the absolute number
of the PF value that contains one or more tombstones. 
Supposedly you'd do 4 PF values and X rows, the
table'd look like this:

     .byte 2   ; 1-8 tombstones @ top left-middle
     .byte 3   ; 1-8 tombstones @ top right-middle
     .byte 5   ; 1-8 tombstones @ second line beginning
     .byte 8   ; 1-8 tombstones @ second line end
     .byte 10  ; 1-8 tombstones @ third line left-middle

You can generate this table outside the kernel
via ROM2RAM copy, Random, whatever

The second table now stores the actual PF value to set:

     .byte %00010000
     .byte %00100000
     .byte %00000100
     .byte %00010100
     .byte %01110000

Ok, you see, with this technique you could have way more
than 32 tombstones (Up to 32*8 in fact) on 32 different
locations spread around the whole playfield

AND - you're not limited to any playfield size at all!

You could do any resolution you want, without
increasing the RAM usage of constant 64 bytes!

In the kernel you'd have a counter that increases whenever
a PF value has been drawn. Now you just check if the current
location is next in the location tab -> and if yes - draw
the according value from the value tab -> and if no draw $00...

Ok, You'd need more counters in the kernel than you'd
have as registers, but I'm sure that can be handled...

(Everything depends more or less on what other objects
 you've floating around on the screen anyway...)


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