Re: [stella] 'Look Ma No Flicker' revisited

Subject: Re: [stella] 'Look Ma No Flicker' revisited
From: Ronald Gershwin <wazzapfool@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 08:19:19 -0700 (PDT)
> >c) having the sprites 2-scanlines tall instead of 1
> >d) only drawing the playfield every other scanline,
> and
> Just off the cuff, this I think would be fairly
> ugly.  I could never stand the
> striped paddles in Video Olympics or striped scores
> in several games.  With
> optimization to hang on to playfield bytes after
> fetching them (TXS / TSX
> being the obvious), I think you can do it.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding this, because I haven't
been following this entire thread completely.  By this
'stripe' effect, are you talking about blanking the
playfield graphics every other line when using an
asymmetrical playfield (in order to get more cycles
for calculation time by avoiding the 6 load and stores
inherent in making a full-width asymmetrical

OK Assuming that's what we're talking about... :) seems like it would be kinda hard to use the
stack to preserve the playfield bytes...I mean, on the
next scanline, the PF0 data for the left side of the
screen is going to be all the way at the bottom of the
stack, right?

The only reason I bring this up is cause I am working
on something right now which is using a full-width
asymmetrical playfield, and the above strategy is how
i'm probably going to have to tackle it (to avoid
flicker and all)...


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