[stella] Stella at the movies

Subject: [stella] Stella at the movies
From: cybergoth@xxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 13:43:20 +0200 (CEST)
Hi there!

Here's just an idea (Oh-No! Not again! :-))
I recently had.
I've no time to do it, but maybe it inspires 
some other reader here...
(I might do something similar for the Star
 Fire intro screen, but...)

Ok, it goes like this:

Do a monochrome, closed spacing, 5-char display.
Make it rectangular.
To draw anything here,
we'd need 5*8*5 = 200 bytes.

Now, with a 16K cart for example, one could easily do
some 63 different frames! Wouldn't that 
be more than enough for a little movie?

Second idea, based on the first:
Do a monochrome, closed spacing, 4-char display.
we'd now need 4*8*4 = 128 bytes!.

Hey, that almost fits into the RAM! We could possibly
store one entire frame here! That'd mean, we could
pack all our movie data and would only need to save
the changes from one picture to the next!

Any takers for the VCS conversion of 'Gone With The Wind'?



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