[stella] Stella Photoshop color palette and question

Subject: [stella] Stella Photoshop color palette and question
From: Jake Patterson <jpatters@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2001 16:46:21 -0400 (EDT)
I was playing around with the colors.bin thingie and I noticed that it
displays a full sixteen shades of each chroma value, whereas only eight
are defined by the spec.  I actually used a couple of the non-spec ones in
my little demo thing, it was necesssary to get the colors to look right,
at least on Mac Stella.  What are the consequences of using the non-spec

Anyway, I use Photoshop to make playfield mockups, and I thought it would
be usefull to make a Photoshop specific palette for that.  I took sixteen
screenshots of the colors.bin running in Mac Stella, one for each chroma
value, and then cut and pasted a palette document for Photoshop, which is
16KB and attached.  Also attached is the indexed color Photoshop color
table, which is only 1KB.  You can take any flat Photoshop document and
convert it to indexed color and use that color table to restrict to the
2600 color palette.

Hopefully, someone will find that usefull.

Coming soon: an actual game like demo from me.
Stay tuned.  It's called "Baubles".

--                                         ,
`@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@',@@@'            ,@@@@',@@@'
  `@@@@@@@@@@@@',@@@',aa.       ,aa.   ,@@[  ]@@',@@@' ,aa.'aaaaaaa, aa'
    `@@@@@@@@',@@@|@@@@@@@'  ,@@@@@@'  ]@@[  ]',@@@',@@@@@@@''@@@@',@'
      `@@@@',@@@']@7`,@@',@[]@@@@@',@@[]@@[  ]@@[  ]@7`,@@',@[ '@@@'
        `@a@@@'  ]@,@@',@@@[]@@@' ,@@@[]@@[  ]@@[  ]@,@@',@@@[ ,@@@,
          `@'     `@@@@@@@'  `@@@@@@@' ]@@[  ]@@[   `@@@@@@@',@@@',@@,
                     `~'        `~'    `~~'  `~~'      `~'  '~~' ~~~~~'

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