[stella] Delurking...questioning

Subject: [stella] Delurking...questioning
From: "Andrew Wallace" <apeboy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2001 20:48:17 +0930
Hi there,

A few weeks I decided to write a 2600 game (when I discovered that a
assembler and emulator was available).

Why am I doing it? - not quite sure yet, but it is the most fun I have had
programming for quite a while. Even the easy things are are a challenge.

What am I doing? - I have quite a few games I want to write (none very
so far, but hopefully I will have an idea for an original game before I
am finished this strange programming adventure).

I have just begun a 'space laser' / 'space beam/ type of game (it seemed
an easy first 2600 project, 'in tune' with the capabilities of the 2600).

I also have an idea to do a space zap type game, and maybe some sort of
silly platformer, a sokoban type game, and just for a bit of fun, a linux
mockup for display at work, and that original one I hope will come out of my

But enough about me, now for some questions.

Which is the most accurate emulator available? Currently I am doing most of
testing with Stella running under Windows 2000.

Which is the best way to run the program on a real 2600? I am planning to
get one of Chad Schell's Cuttle Carts (if you are reading this Chad, I am in
(hopefully) final stages of getting the paypal confirmed). It seems like a
good way to this.


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