Re: [stella] Thrust source

Subject: Re: [stella] Thrust source
From: Thomas Jentzsch <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2001 10:04:48 +0100
Manuel Polik wrote:
> Uhm... one thing I'd like to ask: I've this theory, that if Thrust only
> had one level, it'd fit into 4K. What would you say?
> (Actually my theory is that one can't do a VCS gameplay that wouldn't
> fit into the 4K at all... :-) I think the object & cycle limits would
> automatically prevent any onscreen happenings from needing more than 4K.
> Only stuff not following this theory would either have different screens
> (Summer/Winter/California Games etc.) or very huge levels (Thrust,
> H.E.R.O., Kangaroo etc.))

If you remove
- the tow-bar with the 2nd kernel,
- most of the levels,
- the text messages,
- the stars,
- the sound,
- the anti-flicker routines
- and a lot of features
use a more simple score display, etc. then... still wouldn't fit into 4K!

Some reasons:
- due to the complexity and limitations of the kernel, the setup
routines are very large.
- the physics of the ship and the attached pod, cost a lot of space for
code and the needed tables
- Thrust requires x-positioning of up to nine objects. This would
require to much time without using a predefined table.
- running out of RAM requires some tricky and space consuming coding

You had to remove some very important parts of the gameplay to fit
Thrust (or whatever you could call it then) into 4K.

But it could fit into 8K without loosing to much.

Have fun!
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