Re: [stella] preliminary `how to use DASM' doc

Subject: Re: [stella] preliminary `how to use DASM' doc
From: "Thomas Jentzsch" <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2001 12:33:17 +0200
B. Watson wrote:

> If you don't have the v2.12 dasm.doc, look at

Thanks, my doc-version was indeed 2.0.

> Hmmm, what goes in the space you've marked with ... ? with the `new' syntax,
> nothing.

In this example yes, but you gain a bit more flexibility in your coding and can easier use the gaps (i.E. one gap from $F9A0..$FA8F, instead of two gaps divided by ALIGN).

> Wait... those 2 don't quite do the same thing... suppose the PC is at $F9A0:
> 1.
> 	ALIGN 256 ; PC is now $FA00
> StartPage
> 	ORG StartPage+90 ; PC is now $FA00 + 90 = $FA5A
> 2.
> 	; PC starts at $F9A0 again
> 	ORG [>.]*256+90 ; PC is now $F95A, *error*

Oops, my fault.


> Hrmmm. Obfuscated 6502 assembly anyone? It's amazing what you find entertaining
> when you're procrastinating...

And I thought, *I* am mad ;-)

Still, all your solutions have a little problem, because they always(?) start at the next page, even if the code is below the offset at the current page.

Now let me try again:
ORG [>[.+255-90]+90]

So, this should result in:
PC = $F980 -> F990
PC = $F9A0 -> FA90

Have fun!
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