[stella] [Poll] Yet Another Disassembly! :-)

Subject: [stella] [Poll] Yet Another Disassembly! :-)
From: cybergoth@xxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 11:44:42 +0200 (CEST)
Hi Glenn!

> Your Outlaw disassembly is awesome.  One for the archives.


> For your next challenge, I'd rather you do Indy 500 ;)

I see your point here :-)
But it probably would come way too late for your Death Race
> Maybe we should make a list of most-requested disassemblies.
> River Raid, 

You should check the Stella archive for that :-)

> Demon Attack, Dragster, Video Chess, Yars' Revenge, Ms Pac Man,
> Elevator Action (so we can finish it).

Good selection.

But for my next project I'd rather disassemble a project related 
to one of the 'Star' games.

Starmaster is already done. (I'm gonna merge both versions 
next year, promised!)
Robert Colbert is sitting on printouts of both 'Star Wars' & 
'Star Voyager' so I just refuse do that from scratch.
I offered my help to transcribe one of these, but he didn't 
even bother to reply.

So there's either 'Star Ship' or 'Star Raiders' where I'd prefere
doing the 2K game rather than the 8K one.

I'd probably go for another suggestion, if it can be somehow 
considered helpful for my 'Star Fire' project. 

These might be:
- Games with crosshairs like 'Earth Dies Screaming' (Is that the 
  correct name? I currently don't remember it 100%)

- Games with 'starfield' backgrounds

- 1st person flying games like 'F-14 Tomcat' or that 
  other game 'Air something'

- Games with radar screens like Battlezone.

So, please make your selection/wish list based on that and I 
might go for it :-)

(Ok, if it's not based on that, someone else might go for it...)


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