[stella] Clock Counting...Newbie.

Subject: [stella] Clock Counting...Newbie.
From: "Joel Park" <joelp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 09:16:29 -0400
I don't quite how to ask this, but here goes:

There's been alot of talk about Timing/Counting when drawing stuff on the
screen.   And I've seen what getting out of sync with the scan line drawing
can do.

So what is the objective when counting.  Lets say I'm drawing a ball that
bounces on the screen.   Do I just want to make sure the ball is redrawn at
the same cycle count each time through my loop??

Or is there even more too it,  do I have to actually time so the ball is
drawn before the scan line is drawn on the screen or something like that.

I can see where this could get complex with branches and checking joysticks
and stuff since everything would take a different amount of clock cycles.
Is that the issue?

I'm sorry if this sounds really odd.. I didn't know how to describe it.
I've read over the stella manual, and the clock counting guide.   I still
don't quite understand this though.

Joel D. Park

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