Re: [stella] I need Help ON QBASIC

Subject: Re: [stella] I need Help ON QBASIC
From: aadavis2@xxxxxxxx
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2001 20:56:08 -0400
Can't you just E=E+15 when he goes thru the warp? Would seem the easiest formula I can think of to do it.

PS. I hope I am following what you are trying to do correctly.

At 08:42 PM 10/21/01 -0400, you wrote:
Im programing a game to later be transfered to ATARI BASIC ( which i know how cause i got books on it)

my question is

i set R = Steps the little man walks in his town

Each Step ( or R) is worth 1 Point (i.e. if he walks 5,674 steps at least he will get 5,674 points. NOW i set up the score (or points as E.

so to do the steps as points i have
E = R
so that every step the man takes he gets 1 point for it.

OK now i have 2 warps i want to include which woudl be worth 15 points

i tried make Warps "W" and did W=W*15
and E=(R) (W)
but it doesnt work out it just adds on every step how do i set it up so that only when he goes though a WARP the 15 points will get added

any ideas

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