Re: [stella] I need Help ON QBASIC

Subject: Re: [stella] I need Help ON QBASIC
From: "Roger Williams" <mer02@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2001 20:17:09 -0700
>so it should read

R=R+1    'increment steps
E=E+1    'increment score
E=E+15    'add 15 to score

>that doesnt sound right cause E is being set to 2 numbers
You're not "setting" E to a number.  You're adding
a number to E.  When you add 1 to R, you also add
1 to E.  If nothing else is ever done to R, R and E
will march up in step, just as if you used E=R.
But something else does happen to E -- your player
goes through the warp.  Then the score and the
steps aren't going to be the same.  E=E+15 makes
E bigger by 15, while R stays the same.  If the
player walks through two warps, E will be 30 greater
than R afterward, no matter how many steps the
player takes.
To put it in pseudocode,
IF {player_took_a_step} then
    R=R+1    'one more step
    E=E+1    'adds one to score
    IF {stepped_through_warp} then
        E=E+15    '15 more to score
    END IF
If you intend the step through the warp itself
to be worth 15, then you'd add 14 for the warp
since you've already gotten one for the step.
--Roger Williams
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