Re: Aw: [stella] atari 2600 programming

Subject: Re: Aw: [stella] atari 2600 programming
From: "Thomas Jentzsch" <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 16:40:23 +0200
Maxime wrote:

> Manuel wrote:
> > If this was meant to be a serious posting and is not
> > some very early (or late? ...) 'April Fools Day' thing,
> > I'd suggest the following:
> > 
> > Forget it. 

Sorry, but I think Manuel (and he isn't the only one) has become a bit frustrated (if that's the correct word) by some recent posts, where very, very basic or often answered questions were asked over and over. I understand him quite well, but still this answer was a little bit rude.  
We are just expecting, that people should first invest some time searching for answers and then ask for *real* help.

> I thing that I forgot to mention that I know C and C++

That way, you're not strating programming from scratch, so Manuel wasn't pointing at you :)

> I know that programming atari 2600 game is very hard,
> that why I will like to learn it. It will be a kind of
> personnal challenge for me. 

I think, it's the same for all of us, who a trying to "tame the beast". So, one more point for you!

> Maybe it will take me 1 year or more to understand the
> atari programming but this is the fun part!!!

For the basics, you won't need that long, maybe some weeks only. But becoming perfect never ends :)

> So can somebody help me with my question?

1. Here are some useful links:
  If you follow the links from those pages, you will find probably some more.
2. The dummy book isn't finished yet (i think)
3. That won't help here, try to understand "How to draw a Playfield" from Nick's page. That's the best start you can get. And of course, there are some interesting threads about this in the last week (->archive! :)
4. HTML won't help you here at all. It's maybe the most opposite programming language to assembler.

> Look like I have to start with a good 6502 book.
> right?

Yes, if you search the archives (did I already say that you definitely should do so?), there have been some threads about good 650x books. 

Have fun!
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